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20-21 May 2016 


Jeremy Chetty

Keith Wilson

Kerry Hawkins

Dr Per Hamid Ghatan

Susie Hincks

Dr Norman Sartorius

What is MindHack?

Mindhack, the collaborative event between Spacecubed and Meeting For Minds, will work towards finding new innovative ways of connecting mental health sufferers and carers with researchers and specialists through technology. We will run from 5-10pm on the 20th of May 2016, and 8:30am-9pm on the 21st. So join us at 45 St Georges Terrace in the Perth CBD to imagine, create, and change a life. 


About Mental Health...




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Co-Founder of Student Edge

Former West Australian Minister for Health

Director of the West Australian Association of Mental Health

Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet (Sweeden)

Experience in dealing with and managing Mental Health


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Former director of the World Health Organisation and former President of the World Psychiatric Association

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6102 0225

Spread the word, and change a life!


Issues of mental health affect millions of Australian's every year, which extends past people diagnosed with diseases and includes the famliy members and carers of those affected. 

The recent Australian Government Budget noted an increase in health funding, specifically that of Mental Health. The Government are now committed to bringing the health system into the digital age through sponsoring the development of treatments, information and support accessible through online sites and applications - basicallly, MindHack could not come at a better time!

We have a range of mentors coming. Our mentors, lead by the Former Director of the World Health Organisation's Division of Mental Health, include: 

Running of MindHack!

Mental Health is such a broad and diverse topic, so we have decided to focus on four key challenges so we can get as much success as possible. Our challenges are:

1) How do we enhance the ongoing interaction and knowledge sharing between research scientists and the mental health community?

2) How do we facilitate scenarios for creative encounters between neuroscience researchers and people with lived experience within the research environment?

3) How do we make research, data and shared experiences more accessible? Can this be presented in a way that laymen can understand, and share globally?

4) How do we address stigma and prejudice around mental health? Keep in mind that for tech solutions, we need with one foot in the digital world and the other planted firmly in that of the human face-to-face encounters.

Don't worry if you already have an idea and it doesn't fall under one of these challenges! So long as it falls under the mental health topic, you are more than welcome to pitch and work on your ides. 


Friday 20th May 2016

Saturday 21st May 2016

5pm: Arrival, Dinner and Ice Breaker

6pm: Initiation Talks (introduce the mentors)

6:30 - 10pm: Pitches, Team Formation and work begins!

10pm: Finishing for the night for an early start the next day!

8:30-9:30am: Arrival and Breakfast

9:30: Update and Work Recommences

12pm: Lunch and Update

2pm: Yoga (non-compulsary)

5pm: Work's done! 

6pm: Demo's

7pm: Dinner 

7:30pm: Demo's continue and Judging 

8:30pm: Finished!!!